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Pet Articles

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The Best Guard Dog Breeds

Author: Dr. Kristie

If you’re looking for a dog to be both a member of your family and keep your family safe at the same time, you’ll want to choose an effective guard dog. Although most dogs are territorial and watchful over the... Read More.

Basic Puppy Care

Author: Susana Alves

You have a new four-legged friend, what now?

Your new puppy has a few essential needs that must be met for both of you to be happy and get along well.  These essential needs are his own space, a bathroom, puppy food, a safe environment, a... Read More.

How to Bring Home a New Kitten

Author: Sarah Borroum

Your furry friend is coming home soon: a new kitten that the entire family can love and enjoy. Here are some tips to make the adjustment period easier both for you and the new family member.

First, you should be absolutely certain tha... Read More.

Keeping a Horse During a Recession

During difficult economic times, many horse owners are forced to make the heartbreaking decision to sell their horses while they try to meet their budget. However, there is hope for those who want to try to keep their horse during financial trouble. These guidelines are not meant... Read More.

Thirty Weird and Amazing Facts about Farm Animals

Author: Darcy Logan

Do you know which where the term chicken pox came from? How about which farm animal is the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex or what mental disease causes a man to think he is an ox? You can find the answer below as well as some other amazing facts that ... Read More.

Teaching Puppies not to Chew

Author: J. E. Davidson

Young puppies are like small children: curious about the new world around them and eager to explore.  They use their sense of taste just as children use t... Read More.

Tips for Raising a Labrador Puppy

Author: Candice Pardue

Raising a Labrador puppy is a fun and rewarding task.  Labradors are special
dogs who enjoy closeness ... Read More.

Toilet Training your Puppy

By J. E. Davidson

House breaking a new puppy can be a frustrating experience for the dog owner, but it doesn’t have to be if you understand the basic nature of puppies and are patient and consistent.   Too many dogs end up in shelters because they are poorly house trained ... Read More.

Choosing your Dog's Name

Author: Christine Cristiano

For dog lovers, naming a dog can be as thought provoking as naming a child. Quite often, a pre-selected name doesn't suit the dog or its personality. Ideally, you will want a name that you will be... Read More.

Truth about Cats and Dogs

Which is the better pet?

Spencer barks and dances in circles to greet you and wags his tail so hard you are afraid it will fall off. He barks when you come home and also when he's home alone. He frightens off burglars, but brings in neighbors' complaints. Sybil, on the other hand, purrs... Read More.

The Equine Blind Spot

Author: Ann Cathey

Horses, ponies, and other equines have a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the range of their sight. As herbivores, the equine range of vision has adapted to cover the areas where predators are mos... Read More.

Introducing a New Dog

Author: Dr Kristie

Would you like to add a new dog to your home? Introducing a new dog can be tricky when you have another dog at home who’s comfortable with his position in the pack. In order to avoid fights and incompatibility issues between the n... Read More.

My Dog wont Listen

Author: Dr Kristie

It’s a fairly common and frustrating problem for dog owners. Your dog won’t listen to you. It almost as if your dog doesn’t hear what you say even when you raise your voice .When a dog won’t listen, it can be dan... Read More.

Mixed Breed Dogs

Author: Dr. Kristie

Adding a new dog to your household is an important decision. You’ll provide him with dog food, shelter, and attention. In turn, he’ll give you many years of devoted companionship. In your quest to find the right dog fo... Read More.

Benefits of Pet Ownership


For thousands of years animals and humans have been companions. Many benefits of pet ownership include:

- Increased exercise. Dogs can help their owners achieve regular exercise... Read More.

Cats Scratching Furniture Solution


Scratching, for cats, serves two purposes. They scratch to stake out their territory. Cats have scent glands in their feet that deposit the cats scent whilst scratching (only other ca... Read More.

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