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Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions (terms) together with any additional terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers found on the Buy My Pet Pty Limited ACN 131 246 841 (Buy My Pet) website (Website), form the conditions of your use of the Website.

    Your use and ongoing use of the Website and (if applicable) your Buy My Pet account is and will be deemed as your agreement and acknowledgement of these terms, and of your agreement to release Buy My Pet from all liability which may arise from your use of the Website, and also your assumption of all risks, if any, associated with your use of the Website.

    Buy My Pet reserves the right, from time to time, to amend, vary, add or delete any of these terms online without notice.

    Should you not agree to be bound by these terms, your alternative is to immediately cease your use of the Website.

  2. General

    Buy My Pet is an internet based advertising service which operates exclusively in relation to the pet industry providing third party advertising for pet owners and pet businesses alike.

    As a customer:

    Buy My Pet provides you with a medium through which to locate and contact both persons wishing to sell their pets together with pet shops and other associated pet service providers. Through the Buy My Pet Website you are able to search through pet listings and locate a pet, pet accessories and/or pet services available near you.

    As an advertiser:

    Buy My Pet provides a range of advertising packages giving you, as an advertiser, exposure to your targeted medium on the World Wide Web.

    Whether you decide to utilise the services of Buy My Pet as a customer or advertiser, should you wish to contact any persons listed with Buy My Pet, Buy My Pet provides you with a means to do so, but any action taken by you in respect of same, including inspection, purchase, payment and/or pickup of any pets or pet accessories are independent and separate to the services provided by Buy My Pet. Such ancillary actions are to be organised and undertaken between you and each respective party upon your own investigations and at your own risk.

    In order to facilitate a secure and transparent system of communication between customers and advertisers, Buy My Pet provides its customers with the use of public and private discussion forums and the ability to flag any advertisement which may be inappropriate. Although these services are provided by Buy My Pet, it is the ultimate responsibility of each customer and advertiser alike to ensure that they understand any and all transactions contemplated or actioned by them either directly or indirectly through the Website.

    Please Note: Buy My Pet is an advertising medium assisting you in contacting other persons and/or businesses related to the pet industry. We are not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. Buy My Pet does not provide any warranties or representations or provide any services relating to any ancillary communications and/or dealings between you and any other party either directly or indirectly contacted through or listed with Buy My Pet. Buy My Pet takes no responsibility for any representations, actions, omissions, claims, loss, injury or damages in whatsoever kind, however directly or indirectly arising from any communications, actions and/or omissions made between you and any respective pet owner, pet store or the like.

  3. Eligible Pets

    Only pets legal for ownership under Australian law are permitted to be advertised on or through Buy My Pet. Further, should any such pets require any licensing or other documentation necessary for their legal ownership, this documentation (being valid and up to date) is required to be held by you.

    Although Buy My Pet does not provide any services relating to the sale of any pets (as discussed in clause 2 above) Buy My Pet reminds all its clients and customers, that any documentation required by any laws and regulations to be kept in relation to the ownership of any pets, should be passed on to the new owners of the pet. Buy My Pet also reminds you that it is your responsibility as the new owner of a pet to ensure that you obtain and maintain any and all the appropriate documentation required. You agree that only healthy and appropriately aged animals are to be advertised or sold via

  4. Pricing

    When you choose to advertise through the Website, your non-refundable payment is required at the time of placing the advertisement with Buy My Pet. The amount payable will vary according to the classifieds or pet industry business directory advertising package chosen by you and is structured as follows:

    Package Description Cost (Inc. GST)
    Pet Classifieds
    Value 4 photo uploads $9.90
    Premium Priority listing, feature search results $19.90
    Pet Industry Business Directory
    Value Advertisement in the pet business directory.
    Suit pet industry service providers e.g. vets, boarding, nutrition etc;
    $29.00 per annum
    Premium Priority advertisement in the pet business directory
    and unlimited value adds in pet classifieds.
    Suit pet shops and breeders etc;
    $99.00 per annum

    Please Note: All prices and references to monetary values are in Australian Dollars and exclusive of any set-off, taxes (except for GST), fees and/or charges which may be borne by you in providing such payment to Buy My Pet.
    Business Directory listings must be undertaken for a minimum of 12 months.

  5. Payment

    All payments provided to Buy My Pet must be made through PayPal. In providing such payment through PayPal to Buy My Pet, you acknowledge and agree that the services being provided by PayPal are separate to and independent from the services provided by Buy My Pet. You further acknowledge and agree be bound by the Product Disclosure Statement, User Agreement and Privacy Policy of PayPal, and indemnify Buy My Pet from any claims, loss, injury or damages in whatsoever kind, however directly or indirectly arising from the use of PayPal’s services.

  6. Your Account

    Once your Buy My Pet account has been approved and activated, you must login every 90 days to keep your Buy My Pet account active. Buy My Pet reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts or profiles, and/or cancel orders at its sole discretion, including, without limitation, where Buy My Pet has reason to believe that your conduct breaches any applicable law or regulation or is harmful to the interests of Buy My Pet or any of its users.

  7. Website Maintenance

    In order to provide you with effective and timely services, the Website is hosted by an Australian based provider and the Website is monitored by Buy My Pet. Although Buy My Pet will undertake all reasonable steps to ensure that the Website is continuously operational, from time to time the Website may temporarily shut down due to reasons outside of the control of Buy My Pet or for maintenance purposes.

    Should any such shutdown amount to a period of longer than 24 hours in any one calendar month, and you as an advertiser have an active advertisement being displayed on the Website during that time, Buy My Pet will provide you with a complimentary amount of advertising time which is equivalent to the amount of time which the Website was down, which time was in excess of 24 hours in one calendar month (calculated as [(downtime in hours) - 24] during each calendar month) in reimbursement of the extended downtime.

  8. Provision of Information to Buy My Pet

    In providing any material, which includes any information, text, graphics, pictures, photos and/or other media of any type, to Buy My Pet, you:

    • guarantee that you have the legal, equitable, beneficial, proprietary and intellectual rights to provide such information to Buy My Pet for the purposes set out in these terms, and to grant Buy My Pet any and all obligations, rights, licenses and assignments as set out in these terms;
    • are granting Buy My Pet an unlimited, international, royalty-free license to use, edit and display the material on the Website and in any associated forms;
    • guarantee that in providing any information, you are not in breach of any Australian or international laws; and
    • guarantee that all material provided is not in breach of any Australian or international laws, and is appropriate for the purposes for which it is being provided.

    You acknowledge and agree to indemnify and keep indemnified Buy My Pet from any claims, loss, injury or damages in whatsoever kind, however directly or indirectly arising from the provision of material by you to Buy My Pet. This term will survive the termination of your use of Buy My Pet.

  9. Copyright

    The Website and its contents are the property of Buy My Pet and are subject to copyright under Australian law. The material on the Website, which includes any information, text, graphics, pictures, photos and/or other media of any type, may only be used for your own personal reference. No part of the Website, whole or in part, may be reproduced, copied, sold or distributed in any other manner or exploited for any commercial purpose which is not permitted by Buy My Pet, except with the written and express authority of Buy My Pet. This term will survive the termination of your use of Buy My Pet.

  10. Jurisdiction

    All services provided by Buy My Pet are governed by the laws of New South Wales and of the Commonwealth of Australia. Through your acknowledgement of these terms and through your use of the Website you acknowledge and irrevocably agree to submit to the laws of New South Wales and of the Commonwealth of Australia law.

    You agree that the courts of New South Wales and of the Commonwealth of Australia will have the jurisdiction to hear and determine any claim, proceeding or dispute arising directly, indirectly or incidental to your use of the Website and/or of these terms. It is a condition of your use of this site that you submit to this jurisdiction.

  11. Accuracy of Information

    Should we become aware of any inaccuracies or errors regarding any information on the Website, we will act reasonably to rectify same. Buy My Pet reserves the right to add to, amend, correct, delete and alter any information on the Website for this, or any other purpose associated with Buy My Pet. In using the Website, you acknowledge that the majority of the information being viewed by you is information being supplied to us by third parties.

    You agree and acknowledge that any and all decisions made by you with regard to the services provided by Buy My Pet are made based on your own enquiries and investigations and not based on any representations whether express or implied by Buy My Pet.

  12. Links within the Website

    This site may contain links to other internet sites which may belong to, be operated and controlled by third parties. Buy My Pet accepts no responsibility for, and does not endorse or accept any liability for, the accuracy of the content or any advertising appearing on or through any other sites, or your reliance on any information contained within any such site.

  13. Your use of the Website

    Please Note: You must be 18 years and over to advertise on Buy My Pet. It is your responsibility to ensure that you supply us with correct information.

    You may view or print material in electronic or other forms, in its original state, only for your personal use or non-commercial purposes. If you do so, you must retain copyright and other intellectual property notices from the original material. No material found on the Website will be altered, varied, modified, added to or deleted from prior to any use by you.

    Buy My Pet will not be liable for any loss resulting from any decision or action taken by you on the basis of any information found on or through the Website, or for any failure, virus’, malfunction or delay in the operation of any equipment or software used when accessing the Website.

    By using the Website, you agree to indemnify Buy My Pet and all of its related entities, from any loss or damage suffered by them in connection with any breach by you of these conditions, of any other legal obligation or by your conduct and use of the Website and the material contained within.

    It is your responsibility to correspond with the pet advertiser to finalise payment, pick up your pet and any other arrangements needed Buy My Pet will not be held liable for any problems or events that may occur.

  14. You must NOT:

    Use or distribute material from this site for any public or commercial purpose; or breach copyright or any other intellectual property rights of Buy My Pet or its related entities, including by amending or adapting any material on this site.

  15. Security

    Buy My Pet is hosted within Australia using a leading hosting provider with an emphasis on security. Security procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the safest experience for consumers.

  16. Disclaimer

    The information contained within the Website and on or through any Buy My Pet products and services is of a general nature only and not advice. Changes may occur in circumstances at any time which may affect the accuracy or completeness of the information so while Buy My Pet has taken all reasonable care in producing the Website, it accepts no responsibility for any loss, expense or liability, including but not limited to property damage, which you may incur from using or relying on the contents in the Website.

    To the maximum permitted by law, Buy My Pet excludes all liability arising directly or indirectly from your use of this site and on any information or material available from or through it.

  17. Privacy

    Any information and material collected by Buy My Pet is requested and used in order to provide you with our services.

    You agree that we may preserve and make use of your personal information for promoting and informing you of other products or services which we reasonably believe may interest you.

    We will only disclose your personal information to third parties for the purposes of sales enquiries through Buy My Pet, in order to provide you with the information or services you have requested. Your personal information will not be provided to third parties for their marketing or promotional use.

    Please Note: Should you disclose any of your personal information to any parties either directly or indirectly contacted on or through Buy My Pet, such disclosure is not regulated by or the responsibility of Buy My Pet, and you indemnify Buy My Pet against any claims, loss, injury or damages in whatsoever kind, however directly or indirectly arising from such communications as occasioned by you.

  18. Refund Policy

    Buy My Pet will only refund payments we receive from Customers who sign up for a Buy My Pet Listing when the following applies:

    Where a customer has paid for a Pet Classified or Pet Directory Listing using a credit card that they had no authority to use and where we receive written advice of this from the credit card owner/holder and written instructions to cancel the subscription within 7 days of processing the original payment.

    Refunds will only be for the amount received and exclude any additional fees, charges or interest that may have applied to the amount paid. Please ensure the use of Buy My Pet is suitable for your needs before paying for it. No refunds will be available other than stated above.

    With regard to a refund for a pet or product purchase this depends on the sale terms between the buyer & seller and we take no responsibility.

  19. Complaints

    You agree and acknowledge that any complaint made against your advertisement will be your liability and not that of Buy My Pet. We take no responsibility in relation to any complaints made to Buy My Pet in regard to any pet listing.

  20. Contact details

    Questions, suggestions, feedback? Contact us.

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